The trend of almost every wedding includes wedding guest ideas that are worth your attention. To get yourself on board, you can find out by using Pinterest, where you will find worthy and unique ideas to make your wedding look masterpiece and will last an impression on your guest’s lifetime.

The idea of mason jars or making a wall of doughnuts draws attention from the people and makes your wedding worthy.

The question is how to decide what kind of ideas you should include and how to get it done similarly. The answer is to try to make it on your own to stand out at your wedding and make sure to use different and unique ways of doing things.

Let’s find out the basic details or ideas that can be used to make your wedding more attractive and your wedding guests worth paying attention to!


You can hire wedding planners to execute your themed-based postcards where the couple wants to visit different locations. The recommendations should be based on guests choosing a honeymoon destination for the couple, writing it on the note, and folding it to keep in the mailbox.

Guest Book

You can make your wedding interesting by adding a sign for guests to have a guest book. The guests should be openly allowed to write whatever they feel for the couple. It might include sweet gestures like “we are here with you both” or just as simple as “I love you”.

Customized Monogram

To strengthen the personal touch game, add a customized stamp of your 1st initials for the wedding. To get consistent results, stay with that stamp and use it on all wedding stuff, including tables to wedding chairs.

Minimalist bouquets

The modern bride of this era holds a minimal, classy yet chic bouquet to rock her wedding. It is really important to have good minimal yet classy kinds of bouquets, and that will give your wedding guests an interest to see if you are worth watching or not!

Nosegay bouquet is quite popular among young brides and is thought to bring the best wedding day look out of you while you walk down the aisle.

Shadow Box and Hearts

You can also use a theme where heart-shaped notes are kept in a white glass jar, and your wedding guests come and share the words with you!

Several wooden hearts were used in the past. You can also come up with a new idea.

For example, a laser-cut craft set can be used in this type of activity as you can customize it accordingly and add your name and wedding date to it. You can also add the venue to make your box look cooler.

The Key to Making your marriage Happy!

It belongs to all antique-style weddings, and if you are doing your wedding on a vintage theme, it is a great idea to use ancient or antique keys. Make sure to attach tags to the antique keys. Also,  make your wedding guests sign in with those antique keys.


In this article, we have discussed the unique kind of ideas that you can follow to amaze your wedding guests. You can use different keys to attract your guests, a box with hearts shaped notes, and many more.

Hope you liked the article and it helps you to get a picture of your dreamy wedding!