Well, most of the girls think just because it is summer season, they can’t use their favourite neck warmer. But why to compromise in your fashion when you can boost up it during the summer with a scarf! Yes, a scarf can act as a versatile accessory which is designed for multitasking and will offer you the extra mileage. However, as you will be using it during summer, you should completely avoid scarves made of heavy fabric or chunky nuts. Go for a lightweight scarf made from natural fibre such as linen, rayon, or cotton. Now, let’s have a look at how you should tie your scarf.

  1. Half accessory

You can use your scarf as a hair tie or a headband to make your overall look a more feminine. You will look pretty. For the best look, you go for a well-designed square scarf to get this style. Besides, choose a scarf with a size range from small to medium. You can go for a colourful scarf for more style look.

  • How about a bag candy?

Don’t know how to utilize your scarf for the day? Or you may find that it is very hot outside, but you want to carry your scarf for a spin or to give your appearance a stylish touch. What can you do here? Well, it’s very simple. Just use your scarf as a bag of candy.

  • The last layer style

Don’t think that as it is hot outside you can’t wear your favourite scarf in the usual way. Lightweight scarf trimmed with stylish details can make for the last-layer style. Your last-layer designed scarf will look perfect on a simple yet sexy looking tank. Try out the look now. You will just love it. Put a colourful printed scarf on your outfit to add a touch of a pop of colour.  

  • Neckerchief or neck-tie

Want to give your outfit a perfect looking striking accent? Well, for this you don’t have to something special. All you need to use your regular summer scarf as a necktie or you can call it as a neckerchief. It will look best if you can use a printed small size scarf.

  • Wrap it up!

Summer season is all about wearing skimpy, short shorts, bikinis, tank tops and more. But using a stylish look scarf, you can complement such dresses. How? Well, you need to use it a wrap and you are done. Within just a few second, you can glam up your look. Besides, you can tie the scarf’s ends together and use it as a kimono. Go on and try it out now. You will look super stylish while roaming around the city.