Believe it or not, actually wearing underwear does have benefits for us. Yes, humanity might have at some point, might have roamed the earth wearing nothing but our skin and maybe some fur to keep them warm during winters. But probably they weren’t wearing what we know now as underwear.

But yes, sometimes we might feel that going “commando” might be very refreshing and might offer freedom or the feeling of it at least. It might give space and airflow but let’s be honest, that might not work if it puts you at risk of infection.

Wearing underwear means a lower risk of infection. And why? Because, clean underwear acts as a protective barrier from bacteria, fungi, and many other contaminants. The barrier it creates is really vital to prevent vaginal infections and irritations.

Underwear also protects against chafing and rubbing. For girls with bigger tights, chaffing and rubbing happen very often. So just imagine, not wearing underwear but wearing jeans and suffering from general discomfort because of it. The right underwear will prevent this from happening. And it doesn’t have to be just proper underwear as you know it. There are shaping ones, like for example, shapewear bodysuits, that will help you prevent it and make you look good in the process.

Of course, wearing underwear prevents genital irritation. They, of course, keep our private parts very happy. As previously mentioned, not wearing underwear can cause irritation if you’re not careful. Our private parts are very sensitive and susceptible to inflammation. You must know that when your vagina isn’t properly cared for, it can potentially develop some gynecological issues and damage.

It does also prevent your genital area from getting acne in and near it. And believe it or not, breakdowns down there. One way to avoid the discomfort that acne might bring is opting for wicking underwear that eliminates sweat and oils, preventing your pored to have build-up or become clogged.

They also provide protection against leaking. And some of the things we women have zero control over but live with them are incontinence, vaginal discharge, and menstruation. Nobody wants to deal with wet clothes or wanting to hide embarrassing stains. This is why underwear ends up being a perfect barrier that maintains your clothes clean and dry. It also helps keep odors out of other people’s noses.

When you choose to wear underwear, please don’t get one that is tight and makes you feel restrictive. It should be comfortable. Some examples of comfortable underwear are panties, boxers, and breathable ones, and they have been created having comfort in mind.

Underwear helps keep your genitals dry. You might not even notice it, but during the summer and also during a workout, vagina sweat becomes a real thing. Underwear will protect from some wet stains but moisture-wicking underwear helps fight against infections.

It also provides privacy and lowers the risk of flashing someone when exiting a vehicle or going upstairs, or even, from a Marilyn Monroe moment if you’re caught in a gust of wind.

While it maintains hygiene, it can also help to give you confidence and also help you with exploring your sexuality. And, let’s be honest, there’s no shame in choosing underwear that will make you feel sexy and empowered.

At the end of the day, it is entirely your choice if you wear or don’t wear underwear. But always remember and thin on why we end up choosing to wear it, and especially, why YOU choose to wear it.

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