Most people anticipate the awarding ceremonies in Hollywood, such as The Oscars, CMAs, and The Grammys. Yes, the primary reason they look forward to it is to know if their favorite celebrities will win the award for their performance in a particular category. Many fashion lovers out there are focused on the dress and the attire of their favorite Hollywood stars.

In recent awards, such as the Oscars and Grammys, celebrities rocked these dresses, and you can get inspiration for your version of fashion.


Asymmetrical Drape Dress
Asymmetrical Drape Dress

You can check Spiderman’s love interest attire, MJ, which rocks the asymmetrical dress. This style tries to break the ordinary take on a different outfit, requiring balance on both ends. However, asymmetrical fashion is a breath of fresh air because it does not try to remain in one’s category. It points out that a good fashion can go beyond limits.

So do not worry about the basic designs; sometimes patterns and lines can get you through, even if it is not an award night. 

The Body Con

If you want to nail the style of Beyonce and other big stars, you can always go for a body-con dress that highlights your assets and figure. To add more aesthetic, pick a vibrant color and partner it with an earthly shade such as brown or gray to complement each other.

DRESS THE POPULATION Bailey Off the Shoulder Body-Con Dress, Main, color, POPPY
Bailey Off the Shoulder Body-Con Dress

When using a body-con dress, ensure that your best body parts stand out. You can use shapewear and other undergarments for this.

The Big Bow

There are fashionistas out there who would always go for extra detail in their fashion. It is as long as it is with a purpose. For example, they will only add a scarf if it deems necessary to cover something around the neck. But sometimes, it is okay if you keep and add something nonchalantly. This style allows you to cultivate confidence and be firm with your decision or take in your overall style. And usually, that is how most Hollywood stars rock their outfit; they are unapologetic.

Image 0 of GATHERED DRESS WITH BOW from Zara
Gathered Dress with Bow

Care-Free Maxi

Big nights in Hollywood such as those mentioned above may make you think to become loud in your fashion. It is as if you were to imitate, they’re going for extra length on their outfit if you are getting inspiration from them.

But take it from Benedict Cumberbatch’s wife; she opted for a simple maxi dress and still nails it at the event. 

CAMPANULA Poplin Halter Maxi Dress, image 1
Poplin Halter Maxi Dress

See Through

If you want to channel the confidence of Jennifer Lopez, you can always go for this daring take of wearing a see-through dress. After all, it was your decision, and you can always nail it with your confidence and composure.

See Through Dress  Sheer Dress  Sheer Lingerie  Recherche image 6
See Through Dress

You can get inspiration from more dress trends, but it is always lovely to go for your taste and still be original. Inspiration and trends would not harm but always remember to prioritize your character in every dress you want to wear.