The epidermis, dermis, and subcutaneous fat make up our skin’s three layers. As a protective layer on top of our epidermis, our lips have a stratum corneum as thin as four to five times thicker than the rest of our body’s epidermis; this makes our lips more vulnerable to damage.

We don’t have sweat glands or hair follicles on our lips, so they don’t get the same level of natural protection as other parts of our bodies. So, it might be challenging to deal with dry, chapped lips. In addition to the weather and our poor habits, they are susceptible. It may feel like a never-ending fight to maintain your lips soft and smooth, but we have five tricks.

Best Lip Care Treatment for Your Lips

Now that you are aware of the factors that contribute to chapped lips, let’s examine the measures you may take to both prevent and cure them:

Stop Lip-Licking

Licking your lips may seem like a beautiful method to moisturize them, but it’s harmful. Lips lack a protective outer barrier; thus, adding moisture that evaporates fast dries them out quickly. Despite its clear, watery look, Saliva isn’t pure spring water. Saliva, along with teeth, is one of the initial digestive systems containing enzymes that break down food. Enzymes that assist digest a juicy burger also help digest the lips. As a result, biting may damage and weaken lips.

Regularly Use Lip Balm

Lip Balm

Your lips don’t naturally develop an oily, protective layer, so you must help them. Lip balm helps. Apply it throughout the day and before bed. Good lip balm locks in moisture and blocks irritants. Choose a non-irritating lip balm. Our Nutri-Soothe Complex is packed in antioxidants and vitamins to smooth, soften, and condition your lips.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking harms more than your lungs. It might cause gum discomfort and oral ulcers within your mouth. Cigarette smoke or e-cigarette smoke might irritate lips. You are constantly pursing your lips when smoking produces cracks and dry skin. We realize it’s hard to stop suddenly. Consult your doctor about alternatives and subsequent actions. You’ll have healthier lips (and skin) quickly.

Hydrate Your Lips with Lip-gloss

Chapped lips don’t mean I’ll quit up cosmetics. Do you feel the same way? Switch to hydrating formulations. They moisturize your lips to hide cracks. Instead, you should avoid using matte lipstick. Every line and damage is highlighted.

Drink Enough Water

We’ve discussed how easily lips lose moisture, so let’s speak about how to get it back. Keep hydrated. Drink eight glasses of water a day to regulate your moisture levels. You’re dehydrated if you’re thirsty. Drinking water isn’t always enough to prevent dry lips, particularly in winter. Heated indoor air may be dry, so use a humidifier. Putting moisture back into the air mechanically may help revitalize even the most dehydrated lips.


Your lips’ thin, sensitive skin goes through a lot each day. As a result, chapped or dry lips will happen occasionally. The six ideas we’ve provided in this post, on the other hand, offer you the tools you need to fight back. Maintaining healthy lips is as simple as drinking enough water and stopping your habit of licking your lips. You should also use lip balm often and protect your lips from the outdoors. Eventually, your lips will be soft, silky, and just begging to be kissed again!