Warm weather is ahead of us, and supermodels show how it is best to wear jeans this season …

Jeans, shirts, shorts, dresses, and denim skirts are a hit this summer season.  The advantage of denim clothes is that they can be worn with almost everything – with shirts, T-shirts, slippers, sneakers, or slightly more elegant shoes, depending on the occasion.

Whether you are a fanatic of a bell ringer or dark denim, you should keep in mind that each of these models requires a different pair of shoes in order to complete the outfit and achieve a more effective look.  Fashion experts advise women to choose those models when buying a new pair of winter shoes that will fit nicely with the models of jeans that they have in their wardrobe and that they usually wear.  For example, models with high heels and knee-length may look overbearing, but they will fit perfectly with jeans with wide legs as well as with narrow or “skinny jeans”.  Even “martinis” or militaristic models of footwear go well with short or cropped jeans and with classic models of jeans with flat legs.

Darted palazzo trousers with slant pockets

Without a doubt – jeans are the most versatile item in everyone’s closet.  No matter when you wear them, where you wear them or how you wear them, there are jeans that suit almost every mood and occasion.  Therefore, it is no wonder that denim is considered a necessary wardrobe.

 From the end of the 19th century, jeans, from robust work clothes, became a part of fashion without which we could not continue (or would not want to).  Social, political, and pop culture played a big role in the evolution of jeans and the trends that were there, going, and coming back.

When it comes to casual combinations, every day, jeans have been a fashion imperative for decades!  Almost every woman has a favorite pair of jeans, which are the point of any combination in which she feels comfortable and casual. One of the practical aspects of jeans is certainly their wearability at any time of the year.  You can change the cut, the shade of denim, or the model, but it will definitely never go out of fashion.

Cropped Mimi – Sun Stone

These jeans are especially popular because you can make a variety of outfits with them, no matter what style of clothing you prefer. Light denim combines equally well with pastel as well as bright colors, and the favorite combination for the transition period are definitely light jeans, pastel sweaters, and ankle boots.  It is the latest, modern and relaxed daily combination.

How to wear torn jeans when it gets cold? We don’t want to give up torn jeans either during the autumn/winter season.  No, no, this piece can be worn during all seasons.

Ever since they appeared, the world has not wanted to give up ripped jeans.  Why?  It’s simple – they make us feel cool no matter what we wear to them. We adore them, we especially like to wear them on weekends when we go for a walk with a loved one, or even go out in the evening if you combine them with a satin t-shirt for brothers…

A trend you will not be able to avoid: Baggy jeans will be an indispensable part of your fashion combination. Although we admit that we don’t like a lot of things, the fact is that influencers and those who ask the most questions in the fashion industry are choosing various pieces of clothing, and it is up to us to present you with everything that is popular.

Pull&Bear 90’s baggy jeans in blue

If you haven’t already, it’s time to get baggy jeans, because girls around the world have already gone crazy for them. You can also use these jeans as a daily variant, but with the right choice of accessories or shoes, they can easily become an elegant piece of clothing, so if you show up at a fancy cocktail party, you will leave the impression of a girl of style.