Skin Care and beauty science have evolved so much in the past decade that it’s become difficult to keep up with the new trends. All of the latest skincare products are not only becoming complex but how to use them is a bigger question.

The skin needs time to absorb all the enriched vitamins and what else you apply to your skin. Why? Because if you are not doing it right, you are just wasting money and time on your skincare.

We brought this article for you to know about the basic morning routine steps you can follow and have a great skin glow!

Here we are going to discuss 5 steps a girl should take to maintain her skin and how to use them in this order will surely bring changes to your skin.

Common! Let’s start the process and get yourself skin that will be more soft, vibrant, and pollution free.

Basic Morning Routine

The 5 basic steps are enough to make your skin glow. Such as:

  • Cleanser.
  • Moisturizer
  • Toner
  • Sunscreen
  • Essence


The first step is to cleanse. I repeat Cleanse, Cleanse and Cleanse!

You can use a hydrating cleanser and use it in the morning and also in the night. Two times daily will help your skin get rid of dust build-up. This way, you will help your skin retaliate from everyday environmental stressors that are faced by your skin. Now go and choose the best hydrating kind of cleanser for your skin and use it daily twice, morning and night.

A Hydrating Cleanser like CeraVE will work on any skin!


The second step is to moisturize. This way, you will hydrate your skin, and moisturizers come in different shapes, including balms, creams, and sometimes gels.

If you want smooth skin, stick to this step and moisturize the skin on the face, hands, and legs. SUMMER FRIDAYS is surely the best moisturizer on the market, and it helps you make your skin hydrating, and you can prevent your skin from aging.

You can make your skin look even more beautiful and radiant with twice daily use!


The third step in a routine is to use a pH-balancing Toner. Toners can be in the form of homemade rose water or a fancy in the market. It all depends on you what you want to apply to your face. It helps your skin have a nice pH balance, and try to buy toners with less alcohol content. The reason is that toner might let your skin dry if it is more alcohol-based. So be wise and choose the best option for you!


The fourth step is very important for outgoing ladies and even for everyone. It is sunscreen, as a good sunscreen can prevent you from aging quickly, make your skin more radiant, and protect you from the sun.

It’s essential to protect your skin against the damaging effects caused by the sun’s radiation.

Apply a layer of sunscreen/SPF and stop your skin from harmful radiation passing through your skin. It helps you to maintain a good texture.


The last step is to use skin essences. Skin essences often confuse new consumers, and they come in the form of serums and lotions.

An essence helps your skin hydrated, and your skin becomes more radiant and bright.

Go and grab one!


This article discusses a skincare routine and all the five steps a girl should follow to maintain her skin. I hope you will get help from this information mentioned above and will take care of your skincare.