NEW YORK – In the retro square dinner at Tribeca (Tribeca), the aroma of the century’s patina and overheated coffee, about a dozen models are not posing as wandering. They are chewing French fries when they are perched on a red vinyl bench. Their eyes were rough and their hair was teased into a 1950s fluffy curl or rolled into exaggerated curls.

[Robin Givhan at New York Fashion Week: A Comprehensive Report]

They wore a dress from Batsheva, a brand designed by Batsheva Hay, a former lawyer who loves prairie dresses and vintage cotton shirts. Her business started as a passionate project two years ago and became a hot topic. She is now the finalist of the CFDA-Fashion Fashion Fund competition.
So don’t lick the prairie dress.

The fashion world has lagged behind them, and the modest, outdated sensibility has far exceeded their current popularity, which seems to be rising.
Fashion is full of jealousy that preserves femininity. Young women are attracted to small floral prints, fluffy sleeves and stout shoulder dresses. Hay’s vision is purest. It doesn’t have the edge of Gucci’s pop culture or the accessibility of coaches. Her clothes are more serious.
For the spring of 2019, her aim was to explore the inner tension of her style. Her work has a vintage feel, but she uses modern fabrics such as pink and green metallic. People can easily imagine these dresses in this country, but they are designed for urban residents – after all, they are designed by women who grew up in Queens. They are modest because they are high-necked, revealing a little skin; but they are so different and visually so harsh that they immediately attract people’s attention and whoever happens to wear it they.
There are some interesting things about the advice of hay, which is about fashion as a visual symbolic rejection of the sleekness of contemporary life. This is her answer to streetwear, allowing people to hide their names through public squares. The only connection is with like-minded passers-by who know the reputation code for writing a specific sweatshirt or sneaker. Batsheva avoids anonymity. These clothes are not hidden.