So, you are planning to wear the gorgeous body-hugging dress for the special event that is coming and once you put it on, you don’t like what you are seeing in the mirror. There are love handles around the midsection and the belly is protruding. We have all gone through such moments before and wish that we can keep everything tucked away while looking sleek and fit. This is where shapewear comes in. This special undergarment helps to lift the bust, slims the waistline, enhances the rear, flattens the stomach, and shapes the curves. Wearing shapewear does not mean that you do not love your body and it is absolutely ok to get a bit of help sometimes when we want a sleeker foundation.

The perfect shapewear is one that understands, amplifies, and celebrates our curves. It should show off your best assets while being comfortable enough to wear throughout the day. The best shapewear for tummy and waist no matter if it is the seamless control bodysuit or the pair of sculpting shorts will definitely increase your confidence. If you want to try shapewear that will support your body and provide a strong foundation that allows you to seize every moment with confidence, look no further than the range of high-quality and durable shapewear from Shapellx.

Functional and Feel Good Shapewear That Will Show Off Your Curves

Ahead are some of the favorite functional and empowering undergarments and plus size shapewear pieces that you may want to check out.

PowerConceal™ Ultra Comfy Body Shaper

This full-body shaper is designed to lift up and enhance the breasts flawlessly while at the same time keeping the belly flat and the waist slimmer. It has a snap closure for bathroom convenience. This sculpting piece is essential in every woman’s wardrobe.

PowerConceal™ Seamless High Waisted Shorts

This pair of shorts shapewear is crafted from a seamless one-piece molding technology on the abdomen and hip area. Not only does it provide a firm control of the midsection, but this high-waisted short also lifts and enhances the size and shape of the buttock. The mid-thigh length will keep your inner thighs from rubbing together.

 PowerConceal™ Seamless High Waisted Tummy Control Shorts

This incredible patented body shaper is made with high elastic, skin-friendly, moisture-wicking material that keeps you comfortable all day. It has a double-layered fabric on the midsection and thighs for targeted control and leg slimming. It has adjustable straps and anti-slip adhesive that will prevent rolling down while allowing movement with comfort.  It can effectively sculpt the body from the back and waist down to the stomach and thighs. The boyshorts ends at mid-thigh. The open gusset offers bathroom convenience.

PowerConceal™ Open Bust Seamless Smoothing Body Shaper

This mid-thigh bodysuit shaper is designed to shape the entire body. The double-layered fabric in the tummy flattens the tummy, shapes your curves, and slims the legs while preventing thigh rub. The adjustable straps allow the bodysuit to fit better and also offer chest support. The high elastic fabric around the buttock gives the butt a lifting effect.

AirSlim® Sculpting Lace Wonder Bodysuit

Available through size 3XL, this shaper can shave off inches instantly while offering maximum lifting, body sculpting, and shaping. It features lightweight lace that gives a silky feel underneath your clothes. The adjustable and flexible straps can be worn spaghetti strap style, criss-cross to V design. This plus size shapewear will smooth and sculpt the midsection while firming the tummy and highlighting the waist. Its open gusset design makes it easy for bathroom use.