You need to take care of Easter preparations, resolve work issues and even monitor the children’s activities at school. Of course, those might only be half of the things you need to do. Yeah, life is more and more busy every day and we can’t deny it.

With all this hustle and bustle, you didn’t even have time to choose which look you’re going to wear for Easter. Take advantage of the shapewear sale to invest in a dress as a practical, beautiful and very versatile option.

Based on just one piece, you can create incredible looks if you know how to combine accessories and other items in your clothing. Your  Easter Must Have Popilush Shapewear Dress because it gives you freedom and ease to enjoy the commemorative date perfectly.

This article teaches you how to create some looks to model an hourglass waist.

1- Elegance

Long lounge dresses can help you create a more classic look. Elegance shows itself very well in many occasions. You can take advantage of this trend for church or family gatherings.

The long dress goes very well with many types of shoes, but since we want a more classic look, we can invest in high-heeled sandals. If it’s a day date, use earthy and neutral colors. If socializing is at night, invest in a silver sandal with straps.

The Built-In Shapewear Long Sleeve Maxi Lounge Dress in black, it goes very well with a feminine overcoat in khaki, with a double button and simple side pockets. The perfect look to stay elegant and warm on date night on days with a drop in temperature.

This Popilush modeling dress promotes a perfect fit for the curves of your body. Double Layer Design is responsible for better belly flattening effect.

2- Casual

If your style is casual, you have a range of varieties that can make you look very pretty. If you prefer not to wear a shapewear dress, wear a strapless backless body shaper under another dress you have in your closet.

This Popilush styler option is great and causes the natural effect of what we can call transparent stylers.

A midi dress, with a floral print, short floating sleeves and a side slit, will look great. No matter the neckline, the backless shapewear goes well with different cuts of dresses.

You can wear white sneakers for complete comfort. As accessories, invest in a plain minimalist-style choker for a more chic casual look.

3- Edgy

For this type of style, you’ll want a more laid-back, deconstructed look. The tip for this composition is the Built-In Shapewear Slip Mini Lounge Dress, an 8-in-1 modal. It promotes full-body shaping with adjustable straps and a smooth design.

On the Popilush website it is possible to find this model up to size 3XL. The color palette navigates between black, gray, red and pink. Pair this shapewear dress with a leather jacket that has silver buttons and buckles.

For the day, you can play around with an attractive hairstyle and sunglasses. For evening events, throw on thin black tights for a sexier look. Finish off your hourglass look with black boots and some gold and earthy makeup.