Leggings are among the important outerwear to consider in a workout.  You can also wear them with your favorite skirt or dress is you want to get a casual look for an informal event.  It is therefore important to take time and find the perfect leggings that are easy to mix and match, durable and have a good stretch.  Here are some of the most stylish and  leggings that every girl should consider;

The ultra-high waist pair

The leggings provide super high coverage up to the upper part of your belly.  You can wear them with your favorite sports bra for a workout or crop top when going out.  The best ultra-high waist leggings should be made of high quality fabric to ensure that everything is super smooth and in place.

Print leggings

Have you ever imagined how you will look in a leopard print leggings? These  do not have a center seam, which means that they can easily stretch and compress (i.e. if you are working out). Animal print leggings are always stylish and can make you stand out from the crowd.

Pocket leggings

The leggings come with pockets that are large enough to put your phone in.  Those with smaller pockets are also perfect since they can hold the phone in place.  Pocket leggings made with a blend of spandex and polyester can be a good choice if you need more stretch.

Maternity leggings

It is always difficult to find stylish clothes that fit during pregnancy.  Pregnancy leggings have a crossover panel that can be worn over the belly or when folded down.  This makes the leggings useful in different stages of the pregnancy.

Mesh panel leggings

Most people believe that mesh panel leggings helps ventilate the body.  This is actually true since it eliminates sweat during a workout. Besides, you can also wear them outside the gym.

What are your favorite Shapellx  options? All our selections are stylish enough to complement your look. Besides, you can choose from a wide range of colors, sizes and materials available.