Hello loves !!! All right? Autumn is coming and I already think about nail patches. This time of year is the time that we dress the most well and elegantly, but we can also dare even more on our nails.

And the most practical way to have perfect nails is using a nail patch, you can buy now with color and design or you can buy natural nail patches and paint according to your preference.

In the fall, there is a beautiful animal print on the nail, now it is a super trend for snake print, you can paint the nail in gray enamel and paint the nail with a moss green and make the drawings with the help of a very fine brush and black ink , this animal print was wonderful.

As in the autumn the orange colors gain prominence, make a nail decorated with a tiger animal print, this print is very beautiful, the nail looks very charming, use an orange nail polish and make wavy strokes with a brush and black paint, make the stroke thicker like a wave.

Now the classic of the nails with animal print is the leopard, look how delicate that nail, it looks beautiful for you to go to a party. Use brown enamel and nude and make machas with the brush and black paint, like the jaguar spots.

The most common false nails are made with ABS plastic, but there are nails of several other materials: porcelain, acrylic, fiberglass, among others. There are also those made with antiallergic materials.

Types of false nails

The best known types are those that require the use of separate glue for fixing. On the market, self-adhesive options are also available, tips (which are tips for nail extensions, applied only on the tip of the original nail to increase its size), gel nails and their variations, such as acrigel, nails made with molds, silk fiber and fiberglass, in addition to porcelain nails.

Common false nails are practical, easier to apply and do not need to be cut every week. In addition, the enamel has good durability. However, the frequent use of common false nails can damage the health of natural nails by changing the appearance of the nail plate as a result of applying glue.

The disadvantage of these nails is that the use of separate glue requires care. It is necessary to apply the right amount, a drop, so that there are no leaks.

Gel, porcelain nails and their variations

False nails made with gel are super resistant and look very natural. They are the perfect solution for those with very weak nails that break very easily, as they protect the natural nail, allowing it to grow in a healthy way. In addition, the shine of the nail is permanent even without enamel.

How to use:

Prepare natural nails

*Remove any nail polish residue from your nails with the remover of your choice;

* Sand the body of your nail, removing any kind of curl that makes it difficult to adhere.

Prepare false nails

* Select the sizes that most closely match your natural nails. Sand the sides and the edge for an ideal fit;

* Repeat the process on all nails;

* Apply the nail glue on your natural nails;

* Fix the false nail and press for 15 seconds.